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5 July
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Teehee! I can't believe I spent so long trying to figure out a name for myself and ended up with Slantiness. Actually, wait, it's perfect. More specifically, time is going too fast for me and so I wanted to add another pointless thing for me to do online. This seemed good.
Anyway, I like drawing people. And sometimes other things. And sometimes, I like to watch TV. I also love music, although athrylis seems to have taken that over in such a way that it's not really my thing anymore...but that doesn't mean I like it any less! Ah what the heck, I can edit this later, can't I? So anyway, Prozzak is still my fave thing, even though I hardly ever do anything with it anymore. Same with Buffy. And most other things I adore. Bah. Anyway, this has gone on way too long and when I look at it tomorrow I'll be so sick of it...hopefully nobody I know will read my Livejournal anyway.

Seasons of Love

Broadway is love.

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You fall in love with
You meeton your birthday (when he pops out of the cake)
His friends thinkyou should dump him for them
Your friends thinkhe should dump you for them
You willbe together always
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